Our team family


Owner & Managing Director

Philipp studied media busi­ness and is a media de­signer for image and sound. In 2008 he founded AV22 film­agentur­plus. Philipp is our creative head and is always enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. Since the res­ponsibility as mana­ging director is quite big, Philipp seeks com­pensation in yoga and playing drums.


Pro­ject Manage­ment & Technical Manage­ment

Julian studied technical journalism/PR. He plans and coor­dinates our film pro­jects and live formats. When it comes to film tech­nology, no one can fool him. He always keeps our tech­nology up to date. And when there's nothing left to tinker with in the office, he screws on his motor­bike in the garage.


Editorial & Project Manage­ment

Johanna is a political scientist and PR con­sultant. Her passion is writing. Johanna writes our blog posts, concepts web­sites for our clients and takes care of public relations. In her private life, Johanna loves yoga and spends her free time out­side and in move­ment.


Pro­duction coor­dination

Franka Charlotte studied media science and art history. Before joining AV22, she worked for years as a pro­duction coor­dinator on film and tele­vision pro­ductions. Franka loves her camera and always has it with her. When she is not on duty for AV22, she works as a self-employed photo­grapher. She has ful­filled her dream of photo­graphing families.


Trainee media designer image and sound

Viktor was an elec­tronics technician for industrial engi­neering in his first life. He has been our trainee since 2022 and moved from Bavaria to the Rhine­land especially for this job. He taught him­self photo­graphy and video­graphy and is successful in social media. In his free time, Viktor keeps fit with sports and has recently started ex­ploring nature and sights in North-Rhine West­phalia.


We are not alone - our partners and free­lancers

Since 2008, we have been pro­viding our cus­tomers with full service in the areas of film and moving image content. The five of us up there don't do it alone: we have a well-functioning net­work. Because behind every success­ful com­pany there is a team - in our case, around 100 pro­fessionals for event tech­nology, film pro­ductions and streaming plat­forms. The re­quire­ments in our industry are diverse - and so is our team.

We work where others go on holiday. We are located at the "Alte Tuchfabrik" in Euskirchen, with good connections to the media capital Cologne.

Respectful and honest interaction with each other and with our customers is important to us. We look forward to meeting you and your project.