AV22 filmagenturplus

We are a film­agentur­plus and offer our cus­tomers full service around film and moving image content. When you hire us, you don't have to worry about any­thing else. We deliver every­thing from a single source.

What do our cus­tomers need

Our clients need attention - for them­selves, their products and services, their events, their free jobs. The list of possi­bilities our clients use our films and live formats for is almost end­less.

Our cus­tomers are com­panies - whether large, small or medium-sized. Our cus­tomers have a high demand for quality.

Who are our cus­tomers

Our + in per­formance

We filled a niche in the event market.
Since Corona we have used our expertise in film pro­duction to turn your events into real film events.

Face-to-face events

For your face-to-face events, we take care of all the media tech­nology and all your moving image content. We produce films for your event and then deliver high­light films for your cor­porate communi­cations and social media.

Hybrid events

We turn your hybrid events into real events with a film look. We know what to look out for so that both your audience on site and your viewers online can par­ticipate in your event on an equal footing. We stream your event in the high­est quality.

Online events

To­gether with event agencies, plat­form ope­rators and event technicians, we design your com­plete online event. We create schedules and direct the event on site. We advise you on the inte­gration of inter­action modules and en­sure a brilliant image and perfect sound.

Every­thing from a single source

When you hire us, you don't have to worry about any­thing else.

As film­agentur­plus, we deliver every­thing from a single source - to­gether with our ex­perts and partners for film pro­ductions, event tech­nology, marketing and streaming plat­forms.

You will be sup­ported in your projects by our ex­perienced project managers.

By now, we have more than 15 years ex­perience in dealing with industry-specific regu­lations. You don't need to worry about licences, GEMA & Co.